Nov. 29th, 2009

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Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at

People have started posting up entries regarding Christmas cards, so it's about time I do the same :D

If you'd like a Christmas card (or, if you don't celebrate Christmas, a good wishes card or something), regardless of how long we've been friends, email me your address! I'm ^^ Don't forget to let me know if you celebrate Christmas or not XD

Also, seeing as this is my 'Christmas' post, I've been trying to think of things for the Wishlist meme that I keep seeing, but.. not only do I not know what I want for Christmas (even to tell my family), and like surprises, but I don't like asking for things. It really frustrates my family, because even when I need things I don't ask. I hate asking people for anything, so even though people have been asking me to post the wishlist up, I don't know what to ask for.

So, rather than asking, I'm going to offer an exchange instead :D

If you write me fic, I will write you fic. If you write me a drabble, I will write you a drabble. If you make me an icon/banner, I will make you an icon/banner. If you link me a video/song, I will link you a video/song. If you put together a picspam for me, I will make you one. If you make me a funny graphic, I will attempt to do the same. If you translate me something, or draw me something, I will... write you something XD; Do you see where this is going? If it's something I can't do it return, I'll do something, it just won't be the same thing ♥

Most of you know what I like, but just in case.. If it relates to Pin/Pinguins/dead fish eyes/eggplants and so on in any way, it will totally make my day XD Johnnys-wise, KAT-TUN and NEWS are my joint ichiban, obviously with a bias towards Pin, Jinnifer, Ueda, Tegoshi and Ryo and possibly Shigemi. I adore anything cute, from this to this, anything that makes me laugh/smile, and anything that will make me cry, too.

♥ Merry Christmas!


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