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This has taken me MONTHS to get together D: Someone had better enjoy it, after all the hard work I put into it ;)

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Apr. 13th, 2009 03:14 pm
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Okay. ALL THE TIME, I have people reccing me things, but I never seem to rec anything back. And I always find myself thinking 'my GOD I love this' but I try not to flail because people don't always understand X_x

So, I have taken it upon myself (such a hard task, right?) to look up videos/dls of my favourite tracks from a bunch of different artists that EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO, because srs, they are awesome. And broadening your horizons is never a bad thing, right? At least try out something new, you might surprise yourself XD I WOULDN'T REC YOU RUBBISH, I PROMISE XDD I've tried to find a range from each artist, so, something loud, something soft etc if possible XD

If you listen to nothing else in this whole post, this is my favourite song of all time, no question. I adored it before I lost my Dad, and since then it's just grown even closer to my heart. He loved it with a passion, the lyrics are beautiful, the music is gorgeous, and I can only ever make it to the first 'How I wish you were here' before bursting into tears every single time. So, yeah, if you don't bother with anything else, just try that one. It's only four minutes of your life. Everyone can spare four minutes, right?

(*s are my favourites!)

♥ Gazette : [Chizuru] : [Akai ~One Piece~] : [Silly God Disco] : [Cassis] : [Guren]
♥ alice nine : [Blue Planet] : [Number Six] : [White Prayer] : [Q?] : [Velvet]
♥ D'espairsRay : [*SixTY~NINe*] : [TRICKSTeR] : [Squall] : [Garnet] : [MIRROR]
♥ Girugamesh [Glamourous Sky] : [Owari to Mirai] : [Melody] : [Crime -tsumi-]
♥ Nightmare : [*Alumina*] : [the WORLD] : [livEVIL] : [Raven Loud Speeeaker] :
These are technically jrock, but they aren't as heavy as the rest :)
♥ L'arc~en~ciel : [*Daybreak's Bell*] : [Ready, Steady, Go] : [Hurry X'mas] : [New World] (And KAT-TUN singing New World)
♥ Miyavi [Selfish Love] : [Kekkonshiki no Uta] : [Itoshii Hito] : [Subarashikikana, Kono Sekai] : [Senor Senora Senorita]
♥ SID : [*Watashi wa Ame*] (starts at 1:20) : [Ajisai] : [Otegami] : [Hosoi Koe]

Oshare Kei (I think, I'm not even sure)
♥ An Cafe : [Ryuusei Rocket] : [Nyappy in the World] : [Smile Ichiban ii Onna] : [Kakusei Heroism] : [Bonds ~Kizuna~]
♥ Megamasso : [Lips] : [Throne Angel] : [Namida Neko] [White, White]
♥ SuG

♥ Pink Floyd : [*Wish You Were Here*] : [Money] : [Hey You] : [Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) & (Part 3)]
♥ Thin Lizzy : [Dancing in the Moonlight]: [Rosalie] : [Jailbreak] : [Boys are Back in Town]
♥ Def Leppard : [*Two Steps Behind*] : [Let's Get Rocked] : [Love Bites] : [When Love & Hate Collide] : [Pour Some Sugar on Me]
♥ Disturbed : [Ten Thousand Fists] : [Deceiver] : [Down With the Sickness] : [Prayer]
♥ Theory of a Deadman : [Bad Girlfriend] : [Crutch] : [Heaven] (Heaven is a cover by some YT guy, but it's a beautiful cover of it, his voice is gorgeous, and I couldn't find a video of the actual track, so it'll do :) )
♥ Nickelback : [Something in Your Mouth] : [If Today Was Your Last Day] : [*Next Go Round*] : [Animal]

♥ Super Junior (Korean) : [Don't Don] : [Cooking Cooking] : [Dancing Out] : [Rokkugeo!] : [Pyjama Party]
♥ Tokio Hotel (German, English) : [*Reden (German)] : [Rette Mich (German)*] : [Don't Jump (English)]
(I know everyone seems to hate them but.. I srsly love Bill's voice, it's so lovely)

JE/Jpop (I don't really need to include this, because my flist is primarily JE-based anyway, but I know there are a few jrock fans who might like the recs XD)
♥ KAT-TUN : [*Rhodesia*] : [RESCUE] : [One Drop] : [GOLD -Ballad ver.-] : [Yorokobi no Uta]
♥ NEWS : [Koi no ABO] : [DREAMS] : [Hoshi wo Mezashite] : [Ai no Matador] : [Sayaendou]
♥ Kanjani8 : [Sukiyanen, Osaka] : [Musekinin Hero] : [Wahaha] : [Eito Rangers Theme Song]
♥ Tackey & Tsubasa : [*Samurai*] : [Yume Monogatari] : [Taste Me: Takki] (sorry about the video for Taste Me - it's rather pretty though :D)
♥ Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN) : [**care*] : [ha-ha] : [Pinky]
♥ Nishikido Ryo (NEWS, K8) : [Half Down] : [code] : [ordinary]
♥ Tegomass (NEWS) : [Miso Soup] : [*Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~*] : [Marui Chikara] : [Chocolate]
♥ Other Solos/Duets : [Butterfly: Jin & Ueda, KT] : [SPARKING: Ueda, KT] : [*Ai Nante:* Tegoshi, NEWS] : [Chirarizumu: KoyaShige, NEWS] : [Private Hearts: Koyama, NEWS]

Whew. I think I'm done. There's so many other songs I love with a passion, but this was the majority of the bands I could think of that I really loved XD I didn't think you guys would appreciate stuff like Barry Manilow and the Bay City Rollers, ne~?

AND NOW my turn to ask for recs? XDD
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Okay, so this was written out over something like three comments for [ profile] javiera , because she ASKED me to spam her with Gazette videos XD And spam did she get. SO I figured rather than take up masses of comment-space with it, I'd just post it here. Also because someone asked me to do this for them before and it took me over two hours then, as well. If I post it, I can be lazy and just link to it next time XDD

And this is so deserving of the Aoi-jump icon. ♥

Gaze-flailage under the cut, to save the flists.. )

And now, you should go and look for more, because I've barely even scratched the surface here ^_^
(That Kame pic in the mood seems so out of place XD)

If there's anything I've missed, please link me! My brain is feeling slightly frazzled now (three hours after I started this X_x)

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I think the idea behind this is pretty simple, but in case it's not obvious...

  • Any requests and fic must be Pin-centric. Other characters/pairings are encouraged welcome, but Pin must be the focus.
  • If you have a request, please at least try to write something! It's an exchange, play fair.
  • Please try and make replies to requests longer than drabble length! (i.e. over 600 words)
Anything goes! Porn, not porn, fluff, crack, weird fetishes and such like. Just be sure to say if you specifically do or don't want porn! But let's be honest, most of us are just here for the porn.

And, to get the ball rolling...


POPOLO 2008.01 Interview
Yamapi's Hong Kong trip - Jin can't even manage a few days on his own
Pinnifer. Need I say anything more.
Frottage (the more public the better)
Phone sex because I am totally shameless and adore fics on this (could be doubled up with the HK prompt?)
Pin watch porn
Yamapi thinks he's getting good at English. Jin proves him wrong.

And some picture prompts, because every anonymeme needs some!

Pin Picspam )

Fulfilled Prompts:
   Author names will be added once they are revealed!
Please reply to each prompt you wrote from the lj username you would like to be linked to ^_^

After some prompting, I have decided to leave prompts open, except replies no longer need to be anonymous ^_^


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