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For everyone who isn't on Pippa's Twitter, surgery yesterday was a success ^^

We arrived at the hospital on time at 7.30am (slightly dead after only having gotten 5 hours sleep, but alive), only to be moved to one of the wards and visited periodically by various nurses, anaesthetists, doctors and other varieties of hospital staff until just after 11am, when they took her down for surgery.

Cue a 3 hour wait for me, during which I fed myself and chatted with the two guys in the beds opposite (one of whom was waiting there from 7am until at LEAST 4pm when he was moved to a different ward. After having been in the hospital on three different occasions, only to wait all day and then be sent home, poor chap ♥). I fell asleep just after 2pm, on those handy little table things, and they brought her back in just after that. Silly girl wouldn't let them wake me, but I must have only slept for a few minutes after she got back ♥ She got all teary when she realised I'd stayed and waited for her (she embarrasses me enough, I have no shame doing the same to her on my LJ ;) ) and apparently the two guys opposite us had been keeping an eye on me for her, making sure I ate and stuff. I did wonder why they asked what I'd had to eat and drink when I got back XD Those poor things weren't allowed to eat or drink anything, not even water, since 12am that morning, and one of them only got out of surgery.. must have been just before 6pm. The other, like I said, could have been there all night, we didn't see him leave :(

It turns out she's actually broken the elbow joint in two places, one of which was attached to a tendon, so they've put metal plates in there for now to help the bone heal, and they'll probably have to take them out in about six months, because they're so close to the skin and could get infected. She was (and still is) in a hell of a lot of pain, so they kept her in overnight so that they could keep giving her pretty strong painkillers at regular intervals, and from what I've heard from her this morning, she's awake and relatively chirpy - mind you, she was pretty chirpy yesterday, too, despite the pain. She has such a bright outlook, she was telling me about how it's best to stay positive, and happy, and create a 'healing atmosphere' ;_; ♥

She's being ridiculously brave, and I don't mean that to sound at all patronising - she really is. She must be in so much pain, and all through it she's kept smiling and laughing and being her wonderful self. It was so horrible having to leave her there last night, I gave her a big (but careful) hug goodbye and I didn't want to let go :( And aslkdj silly girl, she spent the time worrying about me and making sure I got home early and ate something and went to bed T___T

(I did manage to smack my head on the table corner earlier that day, though, and by the time we left I was almost dizzy with the pain >_< It got better once I ate, though, and now it's pretty fine, just a little bit sore if I poke it. So I won't poke it XD)

I love her a lot, and really, thank you so much to everyone who has left her such lovely words and fic and pictures, I know the ones she's seen have really made her day and helped her a lot ♥

The hospital staff were really wonderful to her - when one of the medical students offered to make her a cup of tea when she'd gotten out of surgery, no word of a lie, she all but teared up and said 'I could kiss you!' and for a while I was demoted to 2nd favourite person in place of 'Michelle' XDDD And the nurses were lovely. Jacqui was telling us about how she's going to see her aunt today, because her mother passed away this January and she wants a 'Mummy Hug' (her words ♥) P-suke also spent too much time worrying about her, and another assistant, Editha, and kept telling them to rest and have a cup of tea.

Thank you again, you guys have all been so lovely ♥ I know your support means the world to her. I'm sure she'll post about all of this in more detail when she's healthy enough, so I'll stop here ^^ In short, surgery went as planned, and she will be fine once the pain wears off.

Edit: Her blood pressure is pretty low at the moment. It wasn't after the surgery, until just after we left last night, and they weren't going to let her go home, but it seems they've decided she's well enough to, for now. It's higher than it was last night, at least, and she tells me all the painkillers they've got her on and a lack of sleep last night aren't helping it. I'll be sure to take good care of her and make sure she gets plenty of rest ♥


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